Boise Tour Diary – 4/17/18

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BOISE TOUR DIARY: slept like sh*t. Not gonna fight it. Going to accept it & go find a gym where I can get a day pass. Maybe later I’ll pretend I’m in Barcelona for 2 hrs & take a siesta. (Naps are one of the greatest luxuries of being self employed) Tues in Boise will be what I make it. Not what the locals love or b*tch about, but what I want it to be. Jim Carey’s right “none of this sh*ts real anyway”. Meaning we’re just all creating our own realities to meet whatever needs we think we need in order to survive. I guess? F*ck, who knows? Regardless of Carey’s metaphysical trip he’s on,(& I like that he’s on it. He’s no longer interested in being the monkey grinder & has enough $ not too), Johnny Cash has the win w/ the spiritually woke quote of “were only passing through”. So I’ll go burn some calories & more importantly burn out the shitty committee whose having a screaming session in my brain this morning. Then maybe hit a few record stores & guitar shops. Eat some clean chow. Kill it tonite onstage like there’s 10,000 people there. Then head west. Tomorrow night is Salt Lake & Thurs is the Oriental Theater in Denver so get tickets now!

onward, JD

PS just finished reading Sebastion Jungers new book “The Tribe” & it explains a lot about what side we pick & who we hang out with. Started Steve Jones bio last night “Lonely Boy” & it’s so funny & heartfelt. 🙏🤘🏻🔥