Phoenix Tour Diary – 4/5/18

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TOUR DIARY PHOENIX: “by the time I get to Phoenix she’ll be rising”. 1st time I played Arizona was 93’ but I don’t remember it cuz we drank so hard every night back then. 10 shot minimum a night of Jim Beam onstage. Minimum. I do remember sleeping on some rockabilly chicks couch. Lotta couches & floors back then. She made us breakfast & gave me a 40’s plaid western jacket. She was a good gal, smart, probably married well & is the president of something big.

We made it to the New Mexico border last night & crashed. RV is running like a Singer-sewing machine. Listened to the podcast Cocaine & Rhinestones for hours while driving thru the desert. Gonna try to go for a hike today at Camel Back if time permits. Ticket pre-sales for tonite are great so should be all killer & no filler. Gotta ton of new merch for the hardchargers. Will post footage of tonite in comments here later. 

Scroll down below to see the new lyric video for Pine Curtain. If you’re wonderin why the lead character is such a hesher, it’s because they don’t have perfectly quaffed retro butterheads in Cherokee County. Lyrics were inspired by a shine drinkin relative. Yes, corn shine & whatever else,(apples, rubarb, you name it), is still in high-demand there. This cat lead a troubled life, but where there’s pain, there’s truth. Perfect characters are boring anyway. 

Working on the long form video for this which will be out soon. Sorry vapid 24 hr news cycle, I put my life’s blood into this record so I’m milking each song for everything it’s worth. 

Onward, JD 🙏

PS saw a ton of wild mountain goats in the desert yesterday.