Portland Tour Diary – 4/11/18

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PORTLAND TOUR DIARY: I got bad cards last night. Was up & then down. But only lost a 100$. Chris Rhoades, lucky bastard, got 4 black jacks in 10 minutes & made $. Scott Biram won over a grand but I heard he had to grind it out w/ a comeback. I was exhausted so went to bed & slept like a rock. No, I’m not gonna quote Kenny Rodgers “The Gambler” song. (Which was originally given to Willie who passed it onto Kenny & when they asked Willie why, he said “I knew it was a huge hit, but I would’ve had to sing it every night for the rest of my life”)

Ah Portlandia. The home of neighborhood topless bars,(where couples hang out, very different than other cities, they play punk rock & seem less douchey), hard left protesting radicals, vegan food trucks & edible pot for sale on every corner. You’re strange, my accent worries you, but you’re green & gorgeous & I always enjoy my time here. By the way, get there early to see the Cajun kid Rod Melancon (pronounced Ma-lawn-sahn). He has solid songs & his music is honest. A rarity in today’s all hat/no cattle scene. I’m going to buy another Mary’s Club t-shirt cuz I lost mine, then go eat at this Burmese joint that has sticky rice w/ black tea before the show. Damn, it’s beautiful up here. Shows at Dante’s doors at 7pm & show starts at 8pm!

Onward, JD

PS pictured below is Scott H. Biram winnings/tour support he won at Seven Feathers Casino that he text me last night just to rub it in. Ok, what the hell “you gotta know when to fold’em, know when to hold’em”. SMH