Captain Clegg and the Nightcreatures CD


“As Jesse describes it, “I had already worked with Rob Zombie on the original “Banjo & Sullivan” record for the film, “The Devils Rejects”, so we riffed on it and talked about possible influences. Rob would say, “How ‘bout Buck Owens meets Iggy?”  I said, “I love the Sonics and Johnny Horton!” Rob then said, “Make it girl crazy”.  So I said, “Then we have to have go-go dancers”.   To be frank, we we’re just having a blast with the whole thing! I later wrote most of these songs in a haunted suite at the LaMothe Hotel on Esplanade St. in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Rob and I have built a whole alter-ego around this character and the result is the Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures record featuring songs from the film. The songs are a new, frightening, raw hybrid sound.” ”

Track List

1.  Zombie A Go Go
2.  Transylvania Terror Train
3.  Dr. Demon & The Robot Girl
4.  Headless Hip Shakin’ Honey
5.  Macon County Morgue
6.  Honky Tonk Halloween
7.  Day Of The Dead
8.  Creeps For Cushing
9.  Redneck Vixen From Outer Space
10. Two Headed Teenage Transplant

Captain Clegg “Zombie A Go Go” Official Video!

Label: Stag Records

Released: 2009