Seattle Tour Diary – 4/13/18

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Thx for the sold out gig Prosser, Washington & you remind me of a Washington version of my family & people I grew up with.
1st time I went up to Seattle was w/ Dwight Yoakum’s fiddler Brantley Kerns & Willies’s harmonica genius Mickey Rapheal to play on what would be the Supersuckers biggest selling record “Must’ve Been High”. Suckers mgr. Danny Bland picked me up from the airport in what I remember was a vintage hearst. I don’t remember much of the trip except that the guitar lead I did on “One Cigarette Away” was a 1st take & the band wouldn’t let me have another try at it. Myself & Eddie Spaghetti had done acoustic demos of the whole record in Houston before we recorded the record in Seattle & I think I still have a copy of that somewhere. Anywanker, Danny Bland ended up managing me & saving my career when I was locked in some contracts, the Suckers basically kidnapped me & took me on tour which helped me w/ the break up I was going through, and the Seattle scene in general is like an old friend to me. My 1st solo record in 95 was fiddle’s & steel guitar & it was not a hip thing to be dressing in Nudie style outfits & be obsessed w/ Johnny Paycheck. Seattle helped me fit in & I love the place. Tonite should be a killer show at Tractor in Ballard…doors at 7 & the Cajun Kid Rod Melancon is on at 8, I’m in the middle tonight, then Scott. One more thing: here’s my new playlist for Spotify. It’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been listening to in no particular order. I’m currently going through this late 60’s/early 70’s pop southern thing that I find fascinating. Also my new single “Hurtin Behind The Pine Curtain” is on here as well which you can also hear on SiriusXM Outlaw Country. Ok, gotta phone interview w/ the Dallas Observer for our show at Kessler Theater on Sat. Apr. 21st.
Onward, JD
PS I’m trying to do at least one thing nice for someone everyday wether it’s a stranger or someone I know. These social network postings feel pretty narcissistic & if 3 or 400 of us took time to just give a single waitress or homeless vet an extra tip or smile or lend an ear,(that’s just an example), just think how we cud change their lives & this world? This is my response to the ever more growing self obsessed/me-me-me world we live in & keeping my spiritual consciousness up & being “woke”. 🙏