Tucson Tour Diary – 4/6/18

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TOUR DIARY TUCSON: Tonite we play a FREE/EARLY outdoor show in the parking lot of Hotel Congress in Tucson AZ at 8pm. 1st time I played here was on the Must’ve Been High tour w/ Tenderloin & the Supersuckers. I had played guitar on both of these bands records who had just done the Tonite Show w/ Willie Nelson,(played “Bloody Mary Morning”), for a Seattle based country punk tribute record called Twisted Willie. Doing this record was ultimately how I went onto play w/ Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash who I met while doing songs for the record in the studio.

Hotel Congress was a legendary place back in the day. 1st night I played there in 19-boobity-boo, I stayed in the same room that Public Enemy #1 gangster John Dillinger stayed in, who jumped out of the window & was captured by police. (I blew smoke out that same window) If you ever see old pictures of Hollywood stars like Cary Grant in full western cowboy regalia, a lot of those photos were taken at Hotel Congress in the 40s which was a hip place to stay back then.
Last night we killed Phoenix. Great crowd. Lots of folks singing along & that always makes me step it up onstage. Wanna see me play like I’m playing to 10,000 people no matter what? Sing the words to my songs. I love that almost as much as sex, Labrador puppies & fishing w/ my Grandaddy. 

Me & Scott H. Biram, who is playing w/ us tonite, just recorded some songs together that will be out before long & it’s purty damn cool, ie, coolernhell. Scott is like a brother to me & when we’re on tour together the pranks never end & the laughs are non-stop.
PS flying out of Tucson at 6:40am in the morning to meet Ryan Bingham & play guitar w/ him at Chili Fest in College Station TX, then fly back to LA on Sunday morning 6am to resume tour. Bingham is another brother of mine, who I knew before he was a star. I recently played guitar for him on 2 sold out White Water Amphitheater shows where Steve Earle opened the show both nights. To quote Joe Walsh “Sometimes it’s nice to just be the guitar player.” More video will be added to this post later-gators. 🙏

Onward, JD