Whitefish, MT Tour Diary – 4/14/18

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WHITEFISH MONTANA TOUR DIARY: It’s raining & snowing & we’re driving through the mountains up towards Canada on our way to a place I’ve never been before. I don’t get paid to play music for 2 hrs, I get paid to log miles & miles & miles. Luckily, I’m w/ Chris & Kevin who are pro’s & easy to hang out with. Some of my other band incarnations…meh, not so much. We slept maybe 5 hrs cuz we couldn’t settle our dough at the venue til late cuz it was damn near sold out. Quality problems. Today we’ll all 3 keep an eye on each other during this 9 hr drive, eat clean, throw our gear onstage, blast thru our show, refrain from booze,(Bukowski himself would have to appear in Whitefish for me to tie one on tonite), sell some merch, settle our $ w/ the venue, then sleep our faces off. Thx for last night Seattle. If I was gonna make a live record, it might be there. Last night we tried out 5 new songs off the Outsider. We did not play Home Getting Hammered & I told none of the usual stories. These new songs killed. We have so much material now there’s not enough time to play it all. In a perfect world every night on tour would be a Fri & Sat & we’d have 2hrs plus to get everyone’s song in the set. Ok, onward thru the weather. JD

PS I just asked a waitress at a TA truckstop to show me a picture of her new baby. I can’t control what’s happening with a lot of BS in the world that I get upset about, but I can make a tired & run down single mom whose bringing me coffee in the middle of nowhere feel awesome for 5 minutes. 🙏