JD gimmecountry radio show!

IF YOU BUILD IT: Is there any greater feeling than putting in all the work & then seeing it all finally come to fruition? Up until yesterday, my radio show had been a small-consuming vanity project, that Gimme Country radio was generous enough to let me participate in. I’d spent months & months & months, not half-assing it, making the time on tour in the RV or the hotel room or backstage, putting lots of thought & work into 21 different 2 hour radio shows. Week after week, month after month, folks were casually snooping around, and of course I met a handful of hardcore fans on our tour dates that were avid listeners. But something changed yesterday. Lots more comments from new listeners saying “wow, just got the app, sorry it took me this long!” I noticed a lot more energy around the whole show online w/ emails & comments. Old & new listeners chipping in big time on our Gimmecountry virtual tip-jar to keep the show going. Yesterday my radio show changed.

Guess what I’m saying is, I’ve done this blindly, putting in all the work for zero money, purely out of the sheer love of having my own radio show & using my radio show & the music I play as a platform to break down barriers between us…and it’s actually paying off now. My show has become a hybrid of everything you see on this FB page. While I never get bogged down in too much political BS, I do talk about current events, touring, stories that happened 20 years ago & stories that happened yesterday that I’m writing for my book, my undying love for the records I play & the individual musicians who played on them, (w/out turning it into a nerdy history lesson & still keeping it sexy), interviews w/ other artist, station ID’s from musicians & listeners & most importantly, ideas 💡 about how we can all move up the ladder since we’re all in this together. It’s more than just a radio 📻 show. It’s a community of amazing people.

Anywanker, big props to every single damn one of y’all who downloaded the app & have been listening…I’m inspired to take this show to the next level w/ more interviews, more audience participation & more giveaways. See y’all next Wednesday 2pm PT/4pm CST only on Jesse Dayton’s Badass Country Show on Gimme Country.

onward, JD

PS a good friend of mine who has been very instrumental in my career gave me the best advice I’ve ever been given about business. He said “if you want to be successful, you have to be willing to do what all the other people won’t do”. The link is below & it’s free…git on it ol’ son! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇