Me & Kristofferson

Me & Kristofferson watching Steve Earles incredible set on the boat yesterday. I met Kris on this square TV show called Crook & Chase in Nashville as a kid in 95’ that Evelyn Shriver put us on & we’ve been friends ever since. A year later when I got the gig w/ Waylon, he walked into the studio to say hi to Cash & Waylon & saw me in the corner playing guitar & said “you again!” and gave me a hug. Waylon asked Kris “how do you know Beaumont?” I think it helped break the ice big time cuz I was so young & frankly, out of my depth. (but I could play Jerry Reed licks & I kept my mouth shut) All of this will be in the new book I’m writing for DaCapo. So glad to be here w/ him & my old friend Shooter whose just coming off another Grammy win & his wife Misty Swain Jennings Life is good. 🙏