BIG THX & Charlie Overbey for the hook up. I’m the occasional smoker who enjoys a few puffs every now & then when all of my works done. I’ve never been a wake & bake guy, (except on a few vacations to Jamaica or Hawaii), but I’ve always considered myself a smoker & stood up for others who do. No that I’m older, I like it now more than alcohol, cuz there’s no hangovers & it doesn’t make you fat. I’ve never viewed marijuana as just a “hippie” thing like some of the rednecks I grew up around did, because most of my favorite country, jazz, blues & punk rock musicians smoked it. That being said, I think society as a whole,( especially younger folks), are starting to realize that the hippies were ahead of the curve on eastern medicine, philosophy, yoga, marijuana & of course “all you need is love” which in this greed driven war-hungry corporate world, seems to be what we need most of now. So glad to see marijuana, hemp & CBD oil finally getting its rightful place in society to help people with anxiety, depression, seizures, pain/joint relief, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & the list goes on. My best friend has been totally sober 23 years & still uses the CBD oil for aching muscles & migraine headaches. Big Pharm, Big Insurance & even the alcohol companies are spending lots of money to confuse the narrative, because they stand to lose a lot of money…don’t be fooled. Others who say “ I can’t smoke marijuana it makes me paranoid” are starting to find the right strains they can buy from professionals that relax them & ease their anxiety. Google is your friend. Anyway, since Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Nevada have legalized, making it legal in 33 states for medical use, it’s just a matter of time before it’s legalized across the whole country. Thx again for the nugs y’all.

PS I wrote a new chapter in my soon-to-be released book yesterday about an early encounter I had with the Texas Highway Patrol while on tour w/ Mike Ness from Social Distortion that really shows just how far the world has come since that fateful day the bus got pulled over & I went to jail in Centerville Texas for 2 pinner joints. Crazy, huh?